The mandate of CNJF is “to deploy journalism as a tool of promoting good governance and development”. To deliver on this mandate, the work of the Cable Foundation is divided into five broad activities.

Investigative Reporting

We carry out journalistic investigations into government policies, projects and programmes to monitor implementation and fact-check official claims.

Development Journalism

We believe journalism should promote human development. We pay particular attention to issues of quality of life as evident in maternal and infant health, public health, education, sanitation, water and general inequality.

Solutions Journalism

We believe in evidence-based reporting highlighting success stories in the management of public challenges and problems. Through this, we hope to present a complete picture with the aim of promoting effective citizenship.

Policy Advocacy

As part of the agenda-setting function of the media, we adopt constructive engagement with the government in order to positively influence public policy.

Training and Mentoring

To produce a new generation of investigative and development-oriented reporters, we train and mentor fresh hands coming into journalism.