VinMartin Ilo, chief executive officer of Signature Communications Ltd, has called on the government and private companies to play their part in supporting the media with funding.

He said this on Wednesday at TheCable Colloquium, adding that funding is important to sustain the objectivity and effectiveness of the media.

He said though the constitution makes provision for the role of the media in the nation, there isn’t anything on how the media can be supported with funding.

Ilo compared the media sector to the three arms of government, noting that “the fourth realm of the estate must also be funded”.

“To whom much is desired, much is given. I still believe that we have to work with our government or whichever way, because any society without a vibrant, viable media is doomed,” he said.

“Funding is important in the media. The constitution provides for the duties of the media, but nobody cares how the media survives.

“You know you can be governor today, and you won’t like the media, but remember that you’re not going to be governor tomorrow. 

“[By then, you’re likely] to be slammed in jail and the people you look to for help are the media. 

“So, we need to work out something, even if it’s one percent, either from petroleum or from whatever kind of tax, to support the media.”
Source: Policy Radar

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