Our Causes

  • The Campus Civic Media Campaign (CCMC) is designed to use the vehicle of campus journalism to deepen democratic participation and social action among young people, particularly on the campuses of higher institutions in Nigeria. The goal is to expand civic engagement among youths in the push for good governance and participatory democracy in the country. […]

  • able Newspaper Journalism Foundation (CNJF) invites students from higher institutions across north-central Nigeria to apply for two-day workshop for campus journalists. The workshop, which is the second edition, will be supported by Open Society Initiative for West Africa (OSIWA). The training aims to hone the skills of campus journalists in up-to-date trends in investigative journalism, […]

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  • To encourage dialogue on economic and development issues Nigeria, the town hall-styled TheCable Colloquium brings together leaders and intellectuals from the public and private sectors. The colloquium, organised in partnership with TheCable online newspaper, is a platform for engagement targeted at making contributions to public policy.

  • With the instruments of investigative reporting, Policy Radar Initiative (PRIN) tracks and traces the opaqueness in the implementation of key public policies and programmes in order to strengthen citizens’ voice in the campaign for accountability.

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